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Tea Recipes




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Tea Recipes

Use Our Little Tea Company tea blending kits to make these teas or email us your recipes at tea4you@mail.com


An English Blend                                      

Simple English Breakfast style

2 - Parts Ceylon Tea

3 - Parts Assam Tea

Bold Assam

Strong and full bodied tea

1 - Part Ceylon Tea

3 - Parts Assam Tea

1/2 - Part Keemun Tea

I Kissed a Tea

And I liked it, this is a soft floral tea

1 - Part Earl Grey

3 - Parts Keemun Tea

1/2 - Part Lemon peel (optional)




French Earl Graz Blend                                      

Earl Grey with a floral twist

3 - Parts Earl Grey Tea

1/2 - Part Rose Petal

1/2 - Part Lavender Buds