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Graham and Jane - Tea Lovers

   Brewing Fine Tea it's up to you  

Tea has been around for more than 3000 years, but like most people who are interested in a good cup of tea we are bound by the sommelier tea blender.

The final taste of any tea is determined by someone else tastes to determine what makes a good blend.

Well at Our Little Tea Company we provide top quality teas for you to blend to your taste simply follow the three easy steps.

  1. Blend the teas.

  2. Infuse the tea.

  3. Enjoy.

Taste in tea is an an individual choice so we provide you that choice of blending a perfect cup of tea.

The are four blending kits to try and all come with tea blending suggestions.

  1. Morning Start.

  2. Aussie Brunch.

  3. Lady Jane.

  4. Earl Graz.

Each kit comes with quality ingredients and infuser to try different blends, it's all about you and your individual tastes.

Please Enjoy